VMware Remote Console Options

I want to provide information about a feature that many people do not know about managing the VMware vSphere environment. From time to time, instead of connecting to servers via RDP or Putty (VMware Remote Console Options), we can see the virtual machine’s display from the console of the virtual machine on vCenter / ESXi and take action from there.

VMware Remote Console Options

The console may create a security risk because we forgot to logout in the process we do on occasion. Because if you turn off the console screen without logout, another user will face the desktop directly when you open the console. Generally, the operating system can lock itself after a certain number of minutes by issuing policy on Windows servers through Group Policy. However, you can also take action on a virtual machine on ESXi. The two options under VMware Remote Console Options can save you from this.

By default, a maximum of 40 people on a virtual machine can display the same screen or console. Now I want to briefly explain the two options that I am facing here.

VMware Remote Console Options

VMware Remote Console Options

Lock the guest operating system when the last remote user diconnects: You can select this option if you want the operating system to lock when the end user connected to the console exits the console. This option applies only to Windows operating systems. So if you are using Linux this option does not mean anything.

Limit the number of simultaneous connections to this virtual machine: You can choose how many users can console a virtual machine at the same time. For example you can enter value 1 here. So if you turn off the console after running on the console and the last remote user diconnects option is checked, the operating system will be locked. Therefore, when someone else is connected, they will have to enter the operating system password again. Also if you do value 1 on this virtual machine only 1 person can open the console. Another user will encounter a black screen when he wants to open the console. So he will not see the console (VMware Remote Console Options).

In order to use this feature, you need to meet the following requirements.

VMware Tools must be installed on the virtual machine.
To use this feature, your operating system must have a minimum of Windows XP.
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