Expand Datastore VMware ESXi

How to extend datastore vmware?

Hello there, If you want to increase the capacity of the DataStores in your ESXi hosts connected to the vCenter Server, the add storage partition may be empty. There may be more than one solution to this problem (Expand Datastore VMware ESXi). I wanted to share a solution from these solutions here.

Expand Datastore VMware ESXi and Solutions

vCenter Server loads a lot of ESXi hosts and provides management of your ESXi hosts through it. When you want to increase the capacity of Datastore, you have to do it through vCenter. The commands you send here access the ESXi host. If you want to increase the capacity of the datastore, you may have encountered a bug if you do not see a LUN in the Add storage section.

As you can see in the picture above, the total capacity of the LUN is 110GB, but the active capacity is 100GB. I see it this way because I added a 10GB disk here. After that, we need to expand the datastore with the increase button. The size that should be the size of Datastore is 110GB.

Expand Datastore VMware ESXi

When you press the Increase button, the LUN does not come as you see it. After this step you will have to connect directly to the ESXi host and increase the LUN to expand the disk. Due to a bug in vCenter Server, you can not do this through vCenter Server. Some connect directly to the ESXi host via SSH and extend the datastore via esxcli. This can also be done, but connecting to ESXi host via host client or vsphere client and expanding datastore is easier and guaranteed solution.

Once you have expanded the datastore located on the ESXi host, you will have enough Rescan datastore via vCenter Server. This will update the size of the DataStores on all ESXi hosts. You can review the following KB related to the subject.


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